This website intends to offer a consolidated source of information regarding the Altneuschul Synagogue. Different pages on the website enable users to access several points of interest, thereby gaining a well-rounded understanding of the space.

Accessibility is vital as our world progresses. This website aims to break down the space and its various elements so that someone with no art historical background can understand.

Page Descriptions

Story Map

The story map function on the homepage provides an interactive element to the website. Users can view different components of the architectural plan while concurrently viewing a picture from that element with accompanying text. This feature allows one to better visualize the architecture, as the images serve as a real-world application.


The architecture page is a location where one can learn more about the architectural features beyond the descriptions on the story map. Here, a definition of the architectural components can be found, along with side-by-side images of the cross-section view and photograph.

Decorative Elements

The decorative elements page focuses on the embellishments around the space and their meaning.

Religious Objects

The religious objects page is a place where one can learn about the various liturgical objects used within synagogues and their functions.


The culture page concerns the Altneuschul’s history. Here, one can learn about the Jewish community in Prague, the legends of the Altneuschul, and more!


The narrative page is an academic essay that combines the various pages into an art historical narrative. Scholarly language is used within this section.

About Author

Currently, I am a senior art history undergraduate student at The University of Alabama, completing my capstone project for the Medieval and Early Modern European Studies minor program. Next academic year, I will continue my studies as a master’s student at the University of Georgia.

My research interests include the art and architecture of Western Slavic countries from the Middle Ages. I have focused my research on medieval Bohemia, looking at both Christian and Jewish works. For this project, I wanted to understand the world’s oldest functioning synagogue and thereby create a resource for others to have the same information as well.

From researching my genealogy, I discovered that my family members from Prague were Jewish via records from Jewish databases. My personal connection to this project is why I feel it is essential that this information is open for all to see.